Welcome to Fairway Investment Group, LLC.

Fairway Investment Group was developed to offer something more than just the standard financial planning and investment packages. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive approach to financial planning. Through this innovative approach, our clients have the assurance of knowing their financial future is being managed to suit their specific needs.

Fairway Investment Group can focus on your needs because unlike traditional Wall Street firms, Fairway Investment Group does not produce or market any proprietary investment products.We only use strategies and investments that we feel will help you pursue your investment goals.

Fairway Investment Group is also comprehensive in its ability to make sure your needs are the only motivating force Ė and thatís the way it should be! To make sure our planning and investment management services are aligned for pursuing your success, we typically charge on a fee-based arrangement. However, fee-based isnít always the most cost-effective arrangement for every client. Our bottom line is that we will implement investment strategies that are client focused.

Whatever your goals, we can help you get there

At Fairway Investment Group, we can objectively help you plan for any stage in life. We offer comprehensive planning in the following areas:

*Early Life Cycle - Ages 20 to 40: Budgeting, Asset Growth, Asset Accumulation, Portfolio Construction, Insurance Management.

*Mid Life Cycle - Ages 40 to 60: Asset growth, Asset Accumulation, Portfolio Analysis, College Planning, and Insurance Management.

*Late Life Cycle - Ages 60+: Retirement Planning, Income Distribution Strategies, Social Security Analysis, Estate Planning and Wealth Distribution Planning